How it works

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Test Automation

Keep control over your website

You can choose when WP Bug Detector should save website versions and when to compare to them.

Never Miss Bugs After Updates Anymore

On each update of your WordPress website, just run WP Bug Detector to find bugs right away.

Daily Comparisons For Continious Monitoring

Each day, WP Bug Detector takes screenshots of your website and compares them to the day before.

Manual Comparisons With Just One Click

If you ever wanted to know "how did it look before - compared to now?" you can find it out now with just one click.

Take Full Advantage With Minimum Effort​

Perfect Workflow for WordPress

Getting the most out of WP Bug Detector takes you only a couple of minutes, just in the spirit of WordPress.


Install And Activate The Plugin

It finds all URLs to test automatically and saves the current website version for later comparisons.


Update And Work On Your Website Like You Always Do

Automatically, WP Bug Detector checks your website for visual bugs.


Get Notified, When A Bug Was Detected

Inspect the detected changes in your WordPress dashboard. Tag the changes as approved.


Remove The Bug And Retest

When you are done with your work, recheck your website again and be sure you did not miss any bugs.

How WP Bug Detector Can Help You

Case Studies & Example Usages

Here is a list of examples where you would be very happy to use WP Bug Detector on your website.

Case Study

Online Shop: Price Changed by updates

You run an update on your online store and now the VAT is not displayed anymore, which is a small detail easy to oversee but might lead to major confusion for your customers. With WP Bug Detector, you can be sure you will never miss a bug like this.
Before Updates
After Updates
Found: Price change caused by updates​
Before Updates
After Updates
Found: Font changed

Case Study

Font Changed by updates​

You update your website theme and now your font has changed. However big or small the difference, with WP Bug detector you can keep track and make sure your layout is always consistent with your brand.​

Other Case Studies

Multi-Language Partly Broken

You update a plugin on your website which caused an error in the translation to a certain language. This will frustrate your customers and lower your revenues. WP Bug Detector will notify you immediately before you get angry customer reviews.

Update broke a specific subpage

A specific subpage is not available anymore or broken after an update. Instead of having to inspect all your subpages manually after each update, you can lean back, have a coffee and let WP Bug Detector do the work for you, fully automated.

Images were resized on mobile

An image is suddenly larger or smaller than before and looks bad on the mobile version? With WP Bug Detector, you can make sure that a complete layout check is done for all devices.


Perfectly Aligned With WordPress

Simple, code-free & automated visual testing for your website. Implemented within 5 seconds. Never search for bugs anymore.

Run Tests With Each Update

With each update, test your website against a previous website version. If a visual difference is detected, you will know it immediately. Alternatively, you can opt for daily comparisons.

Get Notified

You can choose to be notified when a bug is detected.

API Access

Integrate WP Bug Detector into your own tools using a neat API. Get started here.

Compatible With Dynamic Content

Simply exclude dynamic content from the comparison via a CSS selector.

Test WooCommerce Carts With Added Products

Check if your cart is still working. Choose if you want to test your WooCommerce pages with products added in the cart. Coming soon!

Agency Dashboard

Get a full overview of all your websites within one single external dashboard view. Coming soon! Join the waiting list.

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