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Find Bugs On Your Website Immediately.

Simple, code-free & automated visual testing for your WordPress website. Implemented within 5 seconds. Never search for bugs anymore.


Find Bugs Before Your Users Do.

Scans Your Website For Visual Changes

Compares screenshots of your website and tells you if something has changed

Optimized For WordPress - Easy Setup

Seamlessly works with all the plugins you love, like WooCommerce - out of the box!

Runs Tests Automatically In The Background

Run automated tests daily and after each update without writing a line of code

-> Never have issues with updates or unwanted changes anymore

Highlight visual changes

WP Bug Detector visits all subpages from different devices and takes reference screenshots. When you later run a test, new screenshots are taken and compared to the reference. If there is a mismatch, you will see it directly.

Before/After Comparison

Use the slider to see exactly what has changed on your website. This way you will immediately find any bug.

Check All Devices With One Click Only

The grid view lets you monitor your subpages all in one place. You will never miss an unexpected change again.

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