WordCamp Vienna – Where WordPress and Wiener Schnitzel Meet

Hey friends! WP Bug Detector had a blast at WordCamp Vienna this year. We met awesome people, learned new things, and even enjoyed some Wiener Schnitzel!

But guess what? We didn’t just attend – we volunteered at the help desk too! It felt great to help out the community, answer questions, and share our know-how.

The event had everything: cool talks, helpful workshops, and fun times. We listened to speakers chat about site performance, AI innovations, and WordPress’s future. And during breaks, we explored lovely Vienna with its historic charm.

We also got to hang out with other WordPress fans, like developers and designers. Making new friends and swapping ideas was amazing. We’re sure these connections will help us grow and make our products even better.

Florian at WordCamp Vienna – Photo by Klaus Prokop

Volunteering at the help desk was a blast! We loved being hands-on, troubleshooting issues, and guiding attendees. It was a fantastic way to give back to the community we adore.

The organizers were top-notch. They planned a well-organized, smooth event that was packed with value. We’re grateful for their hard work, as well as the sponsors and attendees, who made it unforgettable.

So, WordCamp Vienna was a huge win for us at WP Bug Detector. We learned a ton, made new buddies, and had fun volunteering. We can’t wait for more WordCamps to keep growing with this amazing community. Vienna, we’ll see you again soon!

Featured Image by Klaus Prokop

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