WP Bug Detector API Release

WP Bug Detector API is live

Many of our partners, along with other interested parties such as hosting companies, have expressed a strong interest in the WP Bug Detector API

After weeks of intense development, we are now happy to announce: The WB But Detector API is live!

Which problems the API solves

Ever faced the hassles of keeping multiple WordPress websites error-free after updates? It’s like playing a never-ending game of whack-a-mole with visual errors.

That’s where our solution, WP Bug Detector, has been a game-changer for freelancers, agencies, and shop owners. And now, we’re thrilled to announce the WP Bug Detector API, specifically tailored for hosting companies and businesses looking to mass-integrate visual regression testing into their workflow

🚀 WP Bug Detector API in Action

With the API, hosting companies can offer their clients an unprecedented level of automated visual testing, ensuring that any changes or updates to WordPress sites don’t lead to unexpected visual bugs. Here’s how the API can revolutionize your hosting services:

  1. Automated Visual Regression Testing: Set up schedules to automatically scan client websites and detect visual changes. No more manual labor required!
  2. Bulk Operations: If you manage multiple sites, the API is your best friend. Activate, initiate, and monitor visual comparisons across all your domains through simple endpoints.
  3. Integrate into Existing Tools: Easily embed WP Bug Detector into your existing management console or hosting dashboard. A seamless experience awaits!
  4. Customize as Per Needs: Hosting companies can offer customizable settings for their clients. From viewports to delays, clients have the power to fine-tune their visual testing.
  5. White Label Option: Integrate the API under your branding for a consistent user experience. Your clients don’t need to leave your ecosystem to use this powerful tool.

📚 How to Get Started

The WP Bug Detector API is designed to be easy to integrate and use. Follow the WP Bug Detector API “Get Started” to set up the API in your environment.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Get your license key.
  • Set up in Postman or your preferred API testing tool.
  • Activate your domains, initiate reference and comparison requests, monitor statuses, and more – all through simple API calls.

✅ Who Should Consider the WP Bug Detector API?

  • Hosting Companies: Offer your clients an added layer of quality assurance with visual regression testing.
  • Web Development Agencies: Provide visual testing as part of your ongoing maintenance packages.
  • Enterprise-level WordPress Managers: Seamlessly ensure visual integrity across all your sites.

📢 Try It Out and Let Us Know Your Thoughts

If you’re interested in integrating the WP Bug Detector API into your workflow and providing a polished, bug-free experience to your clients, I’d be delighted to assist you further.

Don’t hesitate to reach out, ask questions, or provide feedback. Together, we can make WordPress management a breeze!

Happy hosting and bug detecting! 🐛🔍

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WP Bug Detector API

WP Bug Detector API Release

WP Bug Detector API is live Many of our partners, along with other interested parties such as hosting companies, have expressed a strong interest in the WP Bug Detector API

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